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Getting IRS Penalties Waived

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IRS Form 972-CG proposed penalty notices are an issue you must address. If you choose to ignore a 972-CG or just pay what the IRS proposes you could be setting up your organization for incurring fines each and every year. For that matter, can you, or your staff, recognize the considerable differences between a B-Notice and Proposed Penalty Notice? But knowing how to get an IRS proposed penalty is no easy matter—and doing it incorrectly could make matters worse.

Please join us on for 100-information packed minutes as tax expert Steven Mercatante, Esq., explains how to:

•    Identify the elements you need to include in an abatement letter
•    Discover how to use your compliance policies and procedures to successfully waive an IRS proposed penalty
•    Apply your unique facts and circumstances to the IRS "reasonable cause" test
•    Explore the significant differences between responding to a B-Notice and a Proposed Penalty Notice
•    Create the framework needed for getting a penalty waived
•    Assemble the crucial documentation that makes all the difference in whether a penalty is waived or not

Guest Speaker

Steven Mercatante

Steven Mercatante

Steven Mercatante is the principal and founder of TIR Consulting, LLC. He is a nationally recognized leader in tax reporting education and consulting on specialized compliance issues. He has conducted on-site consultation for corporate clients from across the world and led countless seminars and webinars for Convey Compliance Systems, IAPP, Balance Consulting, The Accounts Payable Network, Accounts Payable Now and Tomorrow, Progressive Business Conferences, The Center For Competitive Management,... View Full Profile