Communication to Improve Relationships

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  • Webinar Length: 90 Minutes
  • Guest Speaker:   Tim Connor
  • Topic:   Sales, Customer Service, Leadership
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If you have a relationship with a; spouse, boss, customer, relative, or anyone that is negative in any way - I will guarantee that communication style, patterns, methods, or history are a major contributor. If you want to improve any relationship the answer is learning how and why words matter – how they are delivered, how they are perceived, what words you use, the intent driving them, and your understanding of the concept of congruence.

Words are not just words.  Humans are the only life form that communicates with words.  So consider, they can have a short-term or life-time impact on a relationship and every, aspect of a person’s integrity, performance, attitudes, mindsets, decisions, and behavior with everyone they interact with.  All communication breakdowns are caused by personal agendas, invalidation, low self-esteem, personality style, critical mindsets, arrogance, denial, insecurity, impatience, the need for control, and/or ego dominance. When you put more than two people together in a relationship sooner or later you will experience a negative communication situation caused by any of the above – we are human and not perfect.  If you want to reduce or eliminate the negative communication and relationship consequences caused by any of the above, it is critical that certain skills be learned, and some even mastered plus a validating and safe emotional environment is maintained. 

During this session – just a few takeaways;

  • How communication contributes to trust or a lack of it in relationships.
  • Why & how people avoid the truth and why it contributes to poor relationships.
  • How technology is contributing in a negative way to positive relationships. 
  • How verbal and non-verbal messages contradict each other leading to confusion.
  • Avoiding communication confusion, misunderstanding, and assumptions.
  • Ten fundamental communication approaches/techniques that improve trust, respect and clarity.
  • Why and how vocabulary matters.
  • AND, Many more important topics.

Want improved communication in your family, business, or life in general – don’t miss this session with Tim

Guest Speaker

  • Tim Connor