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Negotiation Skills: A Critical Business Skill

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Chester Karass wrote that you don’t get what you deserve in life, you get what you negotiate. How true this is and yet most people tend to simply accept what they are offered in their careers without making any counteroffers. This program will give you tips on why you should negotiate, what strategies you can employ in different common business situations and how you can learn to become a master negotiator.

Participants will discover classic negotiation techniques to enable the best possible outcomes.  Walk away knowing when to start your negotiations, how much to ask for, when to push for more and when to cut your losses or simply accept what is on the table.

Your Benefits of Attending:

  • Understand the negotiation process and why you need to master it.
  • Discover why negotiation is often overlooked and why you shouldn't do that.
  • Identify what a negotiation does and does not include and why that is so important.
  • Gain strategies for crafting your negotiation script to achieve powerful results.
  • Learn techniques to help ensure everything you negotiate actually happens.

This is a must attend for almost every business professional as negotiation can be helpful in almost every role.  Join Marie Herman as she walks you through her proven negotiation strategies to help you become a master negotiator.

Guest Speaker

Marie Herman

Marie Herman

Marie Herman CAP, OM, ACS. MOSM is the owner of MRH Enterprises LLC, which provides speaking services, writing, training, consulting, private tutoring, and more. Ms. Herman conducts seminars and workshops around the world. She leads online study groups for a variety of certification programs, including the Certified Administrative Professional exam and the Microsoft Office Specialist Master program. Marie also offers regular webinars on advanced computer topics and professional and career develo... View Full Profile