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PDFs: Unlock the Potential

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We all use PDFs in our every day work, but most of us are using just a fraction of the features and options available.  Join Tom Fragale as he walks you through  how to create, use, convert and eliminate the hidden content in PDFs.  PDF has become the standard digital file format for long term archive and storage of documents. At the same time, it has become the most common format for sharing and collaborating on documents. Many business professionals do not understand how the application and method used to create a PDF impacts how useful a PDF is for either purpose. This program will help you understand the various PDF applications on the market and what factors to consider when choosing a PDF application.  You will also gain specific tips and tricks for creating the type of PDF you need for your specific situations and how to work with PDFs created by others.

Your Benefits of Attending:

  • Learn how to print to PDF in Microsoft® Office™
  • Understand the basics of  Adobe® Acrobat
  • Understand the difference between image only PDFs and text searchable PDFs
  • Learn how to create PDFs to meet your needs
  • Gain effective strategies for working with PDFs
  • Learn how to properly save documents as PDFs
  • Understand important security features including encryption
  • Gain tips and tricks for using common tools, commenting and markup and stamping

If you are like most business professionals you are just scratching the surface of the functionality available for PDFs.  Join PDF expert Tom Fragale as he takes your PDF knowledge to the next level.

Guest Speaker

Tom Fragale

Tom Fragale

Tom Fragale is a computer professional with over 30 years of experience. He is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, a Microsoft Certified Office Master, and a Microsoft Certified Expert in Word and Excel. He has trained over 30,000 business people in on-line webinars, public seminars, and on-site training. His clients include many Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, military bases, and companies large and small across a variety of industries, including manufacturing, banking, pharmaceutical, e... View Full Profile