Power Skills Masterclass: Foundational Behaviors That Drive Success

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  • Webinar Length: 240 Minutes
  • Guest Speaker:   Julie Reed
  • Topic:   Business Administration, Business Skills, Leadership
  • Credit:   ATAOP 4.0, ATAAA 4.0
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The workplace has evolved. We have moved into the age of remote offices, global enterprises, and automated tasks. The workforce has been called upon to adapt. The need for associates with strong “hard skills”, (the ability to perform result driven tasks), has diminished. And “soft skills”, (the human experience skills), have become the new employee differentiator – success multiplier.

You Are Not A Robot

People are part of our lives, creating relationships with every interaction, both personal and professional.  With each intersection, you have the opportunity to showcase your talents and your strengths.  Hindered by the lack of skill and confidence when navigating the complexities of each dynamic, we impose self-limitations on our performance.  Developing your Power Skill Set will enhance your Interpersonal (between yourself and others) and Intrapersonal (within yourself) behaviors.  By removing the distraction of self-monitoring, you can focus on your production, your success, and your brand.  Your Power Skills become your nature.

Power Skills Covered:

  • Energy Management – This is where it all begins.  With you!  Embrace a growth mindset.  Be a player in the game with sustained energy and purpose.  Motivate yourself to move beyond the task check marks and into the space of career management, self-management.  Take control of your outcomes.
  • Resiliency and Adaptability – As a firm believer that we bring our whole self to each day; that there is no separation between the Personal and Professional you, Julie will take you on a journey where you will prove to yourself, you are a survivor and a thriver.  We are all products of our entire environments.  With a look back, you will gain a new perspective on your view of the future.  You will be reengaged by an insight to your personal resiliency.  By rising to challenges, bouncing back from setbacks, and adapting, we continue to fuel our engagement and success.  Challenge your relationship with change and become a daily leader.
  • Interpersonal Intelligence – Redefine the over-used phrase of Emotional Intelligence.  Showcase your trademark experience through self and social management awareness.  This basic accountability for how we authentically interact with others creates your signature Brand.  We are remembered for how we make others feel.  We remember others for how they made us feel.  There should be no excuses for relationship blindspots.  Set the example.  Be mindful and then move on – move on to productive partnerships.
  • Business Acumen/Service Orientation – Be aware and then, Be there.  Explore the concepts of scope and design thinking.  This is where the hidden opportunities lie.  You can become a center of influence when you develop a keen awareness to the what, the how, and the why.  Your curiosity will fuel your success and your contributions will fuel the collective success of all stakeholders.  This is true Power!
  • Communication – Effective communication is the foundation and key to productivity and promotion.  Ineffective communication can undermine your success.  Improve your communication skills with attention to the details of your message and your message delivery.  In so doing, you will not only optimize the workflow, you will optimize you!
  • Collaboration – Break down the silos of isolation by joining the team and getting your seat at the table.  Julie will help you understand the strength of your strengths and how every team needs someone like you.
  • Critical Creative Thinking – Be a value add, bringing forth your creative ideas.  Move beyond the traditional thinking of “problem solving”.  Not everything needs to be solved.  Perhaps we just need some creative enhancement, or perhaps we need to just let it go.  The application of Critical Creative Thinking will empower you to quickly evaluate the information and then formulate a plan of attack.  

As we shift towards diverse and dynamic workspaces, behavioral traits have become the hard skill optimizers.  These soft skills are not soft, nor are they easy to acquire.  They are complex and take dedicated awareness to learn.  Foundational behaviors that can be developed and refined over time.  In turn, they give you the “power” to succeed.

Guest Speaker

  • Julie Reed

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