Preventing Smishing Scams

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  • Guest Speaker:   Brett Owens
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While we all may be familiar with phishing scams. There has been a sharp increase in fraudulent text messages to consumers.

What is smishing? These texts are actually scams that have been dubbed “smishing” – combining “SMS” and “phishing” – and your employees are no doubt receiving them, too.

Impersonating reputable companies or vendors, possibly even your company. The link will often end up having unsuspecting malware downloaded to the mobile device, or will be lead to a legitimate-looking form to “log in” and voluntarily provide a trove of valuable data. Smishing attacks increased 24% in the U.S. alone and 69% globally last year. According to data from the Federal Trade Commission, 21% of fraud reports that were filed in 2021 involved smishing. That’s 377,840 out of the total 1,813,832 reports that identify a contact method. Of those hundreds of thousands of claims, a total of $131 million was lost, with an average of $900 per report. This impacts employers who provide devices to employees. Remote work makes this more problematic.

What can employers and employees do? 

  • Develop Strong BYOD Policies
  • Stay Up to Date
  • Keep Things Need-to-Know
  • Enable Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Annual Training 

Guest Speaker

  • Brett P. Owens

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