On Demand Webinar

Purchasing 101

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Attendees will learn about the different elements that make up a professional procurement program and will gain exposure to the various procurement processes they will need to know.  Areas to be covered include using and completing procurement documents such as purchase requisitions and purchase orders, sending out competitive quotes, bids and RFP’s as well as drafting contracts. Also included will be developing vendor data bases and document workflow. Attendees will learn best practices and how to avoid pitfalls when doing formal procurements and contracts.

For Existing Procurement Officers:

Review what other offices are doing that you might adopt for your own program.

Got an upcoming problem procurement? This is an opportunity to get new ideas.  

Enhance your procurement skills by going back to the basics to improve 

Your skill sets.

For New Procurement Officers:

Learn the basics from a veteran procurement officer.

Avoid delays and problems caused by inexperience.

Review real world procurements from requisition to contract.

View sample documents and what terms to include.

Get a head start on drafting RFP’s and Contracts.

Learn about working with a vendor data base.

Avoid Pitfalls in Procurement.

Setting up a procurement policy and workflow.

Including Internal Controls in your Procurement Procedures.

Drafting Procurement Documents and Contracts.

How to Increase Competition.

How to Avoid Protests.

Guest Speaker

Kenneth Jones

Kenneth Jones

Ken Jones has been working in the public and non-profit procurement field for over 30 years. He worked for the New York State Office of Taxation and Finance as a Purchasing Assistant from 1985-87 and went on to work for the University at Albany, SUNY where he served as a Purchasing Agent and in 1999 was the Assistant Director, supervising and providing training for the Office of Purchasing and Contracts. This included providing training for both State procurement and The Research Foundation for ... View Full Profile