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Reasonable Accommodations for Employee Religious Beliefs

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Employers are required to accommodate the religious beliefs of their employees pursuant to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  However, understanding what this means and how to ensure compliance is not easy.  Furthermore, many employers get it wrong and we saw recently in the Supreme Court case involving Abercrombie & Fitch dealing with a female employee who was not hired allegedly for wearing a head covering in violation of the policies and procedures of Abercrombie & Fitch.  This conference will provide an in-depth summary of what an employer is required to do to provide a religious accommodation for an employee’s religious beliefs including:

  • What is a religious belief
  • Does it have to be a well-known religion or even a religion at all
  • What types of accommodations might an employer have to provide
  • Do you have to allow an employee to pray during the workday?
  • Do you have to allow an employee time off for religious observance on religious holidays?
  • In-Depth overview of Abercrombie and Fitch Supreme Court decision 
  • What does an employee have to reveal to implicate your obligation to provide a reasonable accommodation based upon religious beliefs
  • How does religious reasonable accommodation standard differ from ADA reasonable accommodations

Guest Speaker

Melissa Fleischer

Melissa Fleischer

Melissa Fleischer, Esq., is a sought-after employment law attorney and HR advisor, having utilized her 20 years of law practice experience specializing in employment discrimination litigation to form HR Learning Center LLC, an HR consulting firm that specializes in providing workplace solutions to employers on a wide range of legal and human resource management issues. Ms. Fleischer provides preventative counseling and proactive training on a wide-range of employment law issues to help employers... View Full Profile