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Sales and Use Tax

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Sales and use tax laws are complex. In addition to the thousands of taxing jurisdictions across the country, tax laws change and create additional confusion. In addition, the same products are routinely taxed differently, resulting in more challenges. You need to stay fully compliant with all tax laws, including those affecting sales and use tax. Learn how to stay fully compliant while saving your company or organization money. Join us for this highly-informative, 100 minute program to discover: 


•    Learn whether merely having customers in a state or generating income from a state is enough to create tax obligations
•    Explore recent judicial and legislative developments in State Sales and Use Law 
•    Get strategies to remain IRS compliant when doing business and generating revenue in different states
•    Discover how to avoid fines 
•    Get the latest Sales and Use updates
•    Discover how to spot in which states you may be most at risk
•    Learn about aggressive new nexus standards for multistate sellers 
•    Become familiar with sales and use tax rules for electronic commerce
•    Live Q&A Session - Have your questions answered! 

Guest Speaker

Steven Mercatante

Steven Mercatante

Steven Mercatante is the principal and founder of TIR Consulting, LLC. He is a nationally recognized leader in tax reporting education and consulting on specialized compliance issues. He has conducted on-site consultation for corporate clients from across the world and led countless seminars and webinars for Convey Compliance Systems, IAPP, Balance Consulting, The Accounts Payable Network, Accounts Payable Now and Tomorrow, Progressive Business Conferences, The Center For Competitive Management,... View Full Profile