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Scents, Allergies and the ADA – Applying Common Sense to Scents

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This presentation will focus on scent, allergy issues and common problems that arise related to these under the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Employers will gain an understanding of the state of the law, must have employment policies regarding the ADA, key guidance from the EEOC and an overall understanding of how and when these cases actually get litigated.  Attendees will gain an understanding of the requirements under the ADA, how to properly engage in the interactive process, and effective solutions for mediating workplace disputes.


  • Discussion of ADA law 
  • Understanding of policies and procedures that may be applicable 
  • Review of EEOC guidance 
  • Review of case law and notable decisions
  • Effective handling of ADA interactive process 
  • Solutions for workplace disputes 
  • Question & Answer

Guest Speaker

Marty Heller

Marty Heller

Marty Heller is Of Counsel with the firm’s Atlanta office. Marty represents public and private employers on a national, regional, and local basis in all aspects of employment litigation, including wage and hour claims, employment discrimination claims, family and medical leave claims, and employment based contractual disputes. Marty also devotes much of his practice to providing general counseling and employment advice to employers on their day-to-day employment issues, and on the implementation... View Full Profile