Successful Sales is a process, not a transaction

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  • Guest Speaker:   Tim Connor
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Are you using the process or transaction approach in your sales or business strategy?

Two quick definitions: The sales transaction approach: a one-time action/interaction in person, on the phone, over the internet, or activity involving two parties where a transfer of services or property is offered in exchange for financial gain. The sales process approach: a series of pre-planned pre-sale and post-sale actions or steps taken to achieve a predictable sustained successful outcome. It doesn’t matter what you sell – homes, computers, services of any kind, aircraft, or clothing.  It doesn’t matter whether your products or services cost less than ten bucks or more than ten million. It doesn’t matter whether you are selling a product or service that has a global reputation or is a startup organization. It doesn’t matter whether you are a long-term seasoned sales pro or just getting started. When it comes to a successful sales outcome what matters is the approach you use. One of the biggest mistakes many salespeople are making today is the transactional approach or dependence on technology – long-term – a poor approach, I guarantee it. 

During this session – a few takeaways;

  • Common sales and attitudes and approaches that lead to poor sales outcomes and a lack of sales   
  •   predictability and affective forecasting.
  • -Why salespeople and organizations lack a process strategy for maintaining increased sales revenue.
  • The benefits of a process rather than a transaction strategy.
  • The key elements in the pre-and post-sales process to ensure success.
  • Applying the sales process during the client/customer interaction.
  • Marketing strategies that improve the sales process
  • Necessary employee development approaches to guarantee sustained sales growth.
  • And many more.

Want to improve your sales results with less effort, less time, and greater margins – don’t miss this session.

Guest Speaker

  • Tim Connor