The No-Panic Plan for Virtual Presenters: How To Overcome Virtual Meeting Fatigue While Making an Impact with Your Audience

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  • Guest Speaker:   Mandi Stanley
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We are excited to offer “Three Ways To Win at Virtual Presentations”: through your message, your delivery, and your backdrop.

Most of us are teetering on the edge of virtual meeting fatigue. We have endured poorly planned virtual presentations, so we want to avoid some of the same mistakes others are making when presenting through virtual platforms. We now see our colleagues in tiny boxes at the top of our computer screens during meetings. And what do we do about those holdouts who still refuse to use video? Join us if:

  • You want to present the best video version of yourself.
  • You don’t want people in the remote audience counting every time you say “um” or “and uh”
  • You don’t want to appear lackluster and monotone when it’s your time to shine
  • You truly desire fresh approaches to presenting ideas to your team and other audiences virtually
  • You simply want to gain a couple of new tips you can incorporate immediately to be the best remote presenter you can be each and every time

Virtual Presentations are a critical skill even after we get back in the office and everyone from the anxious beginner to the confident professional will grow from expert advice such as:

  • How to adjust your message for remote presentations
  • How to polish your delivery for the camera
  • What to pay attention to regarding your lighting and backdrop

Be ready and more prepared than ever before. Here’s what you’ll gain from our crash course that will revolutionize your approach to presenting remotely on the job.

Preparing Your Message
Good openings are sure-fire crowd pleasers. Don’t bore them at the beginning.

  • Make the most out of your “Three-Minute First Impression”
  • Reinforce your sticking points throughout your message
  • Figure out what everyone else is doing—then DON’T do the same thing
  • Understand the three must-do’s for any presentation opening and intentionally hook your audience
  • Understand the importance of shortening your message for the virtual audience (this is excellent advice)

Delivering Your Presentation

  • Don’t be guilty of fizzling out at the end: close with a big bang
  • Overhaul your visuals for the virtual platform
  • Learn some surprise presentation tips from the pros

Preparing Your Backdrop

Here’s a sneak peek at what you need to know about lighting and background—because most of us are straining to read the titles of the books on your bookshelf:

  • Turn off your email notifications
  • Become a “Master Muter”
  • Avoid the beanbag scenario
  • Don’t present sitting in front of a window
  • Don’t station yourself directly under overhead lighting
  • Avoid the “up-the-nose” view
  • Clear the clutter (what actually needs to be in the background)

Best Practice of All

Banish the “ums” and “uhs.”  Yes, people will sit and listen to you and count the number of times you say “and uh.” It’s ridiculous. I’ll share the only secret I know to eradicate vocal fillers from all of your presentations for good. This technique alone is worth your time investment.

Guest Speaker

  • Mandi Stanley

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