Brenda Neckvatal

Brenda Neckvatal

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She is an award-winning HR professional and best-selling author. She is also a non-tactical UAV instructor for Aerial Recon Training.

Not only does she help business leaders solve their most difficult people issues, she is a specialist in crisis management, government contracting HR compliance, and a mentor to women in HR working in as HR department of one.

Brenda entered the drone industry in early 2021 providing advanced tactical and non-tactical UAV training to law enforcement, fire, and first responders through her growing team of retired US Navy SEALs.

She started as an HR sprout after fourteen years in retail management. She discovered that she really enjoyed helping people solve their unique problems and human resources offered her the ability to support her co-workers in a greater capacity. Having the benefit of working for a total of five Fortune 500 companies, she converted her experience into a series of focused best practices helping small businesses achieve their workforce goals.

In her 30 year career in human resources and business, she has consulted with nearly 500 small businesses and C-suite leaders. She has optimized employee effectiveness and helped mitigate the high costs that are associated with making hasty employment-related decisions.

Brenda is a devoted volunteer in the Navy SEAL Community and finds new ways of supporting veterans of Naval Special Warfare. She dedicates 32 weeks a year working with The Honor Foundation to support the career transition of Special Forces personnel by providing them with her knowledge, insight, and creativity.

Perseverance, integrity, and relentless optimism are just a few of the ingredients that make up what you experience in Brenda’s character.