Robert Brownstone, Esq

Robert Brownstone, Esq
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In 2020, after reaching his 20th anniversary at prominent Silicon Valley law firm Fenwick & West LLP, Bob decided to leave to launch his own: 1) law firm; 2) tech consulting company; and 3) law/tech educational provider.  All three are now in full swing.  

Most of his work entails advising organizations of all shapes and sizes on: eWorkplace policies, protocols and training; electronic discovery; retention/ destruction policies and protocols; information-security and data privacy; and social-media rewards and risks.  Bob also collaborates with clients as to computer solutions enabling compliance with legal obligations.  

A nationally recognized resource on electronic information for decades, he has authored over 95 articles on law/tech issues, been cited in more than 30 law review articles and been featured or quoted more than 80 times in various media outlets, including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, AP, Forbes and BusinessWeek.

 He has delivered over 500 presentations and chaired more than 25 conferences on a variety of topics, including: Data & Records Retention / Destruction; eDiscovery / Electronic Information Management (EIM); eWorkplace Policies; Compliance; Legal Operations, Privacy and/or Social-Media in the Workplace; Information Security Obligations; and Metadata Concerns.  

Regularly he trains/teaches lawyers, technologists, HR folks and law students on all of the above topics.  Educating others is his passion. Similar to the little boy in the first Incredibles movie who grew up to be Syndrome, his motto is "When everyone is a superhero, no one will be.”