Microsoft Excel is one of the most powerful tools available to businesses, but it can be very intimidating for a new user. This package is designed with the new Excel user in mind and by the end of this training you will feel comfortable using Excel and you will be proud of the spreadsheets you are able to create.

Start off with the Excel Basics program and get all of the information you need to start creating spreadsheets efficiently and effectively. You will feel empowered to start creating functional spreadsheets and working with large lists of data. Don't do anything until you start with this course to cover the Excel fundamentals.

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From there you can really start into any of the other Excel topics focused on expanding a specific skill set within Excel.  Many students move into the Formulas and Functions program as it will great expand your ability to work with large data sets and being able to automate tasks that you have been doing manually.  This program will walk you through the powerful LOOKUP formulas and IF functions.  Another powerful program that will make you feel in control of your data is the "Techniques for Filtering and Formatting Data" program, which will teach you powerful techniques that will make you feel like an Excel expert. 

If you are looking for better ways to visually display your data then the "Data Visualization" or "Chart Speed Tips" programs are for you.  Being able to manipulate the data is one thing, but being able to present in a visually appealing and relevant matter is something else entirely.  Learn how to quickly and easily transform your spreadsheet data in to effective charts and graphs.  Learn about sparkline features, recommended charts, table features, using clip art in your charts and more.  These programs are worth their weight in gold if you ever have to present your data as simply reading through a spreadsheet can often times not convey the information present in the data.  A well placed chart or graph can demonstrate in seconds, what would have otherwise taken a whole presentation to explain.

Join our Excel experts today and take your Excel skills to the next level!