Learning how to effectively use Excel Macros can be a daunting task.  Excel Macros are an extremely powerful tool, but typically underutilized because of their complexity.  This package of courses is focused on guiding you through learning Excel Macros from concept through application and are the perfect place to start for the Excel user looking to expand their skillset. 

Join one of the premier Microsoft Excel presenters, David Ringstrom, as he takes the complex and breaks it down into simple steps for you.  David has presented at 1,000s of training programs and trained tens of thousands of individuals looking to expand their Excel skills.  David has created detailed handouts that are included with each of his courses and that serve as great reference tools to fall back on after the program.

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In Excel Macro Basics Part 1 David will introduce you to Excel Macros as well as the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).  You will gain a better understanding of how to manage Excel’s macro security prompts, use Excel’s Personal Macro Workbook and how to use the Excel Macro Record feature to create simple macros without having any knowledge of programming.

In Part 2 of the Excel Macros series you will learn how to enhance the code you have created using the macro recorder.  You will be able to add error-handing functions, decision making capabilities and interactive features.  You will also gain a better understanding of how Excel Macros can enable you to eliminate repetitive tasks and become more efficient.  

Excel Macros Basics Part 3 will show you how to create a macro that can reset workbooks that have skewed scrollbars and a second macro that can instantly unhide all worksheets in a workbook at once.  David dives deeper into making decisions in programming code by comparing If and Select Case statements.  You will also learn how to use macros to troubleshoot problematic loops in Excel, which in some instances can cause Excel to crash.

Last, but not least, the Excel Macros Basics Part 4 course will walk you through how to create custom dialog boxes that can add interactivity to Excel and better manage a user’s actions.  You will also learn how to build a custom printing interface, which allows you to pick and choose worksheets to print from any workbook.  He will also take you step-by-step through how to create a basic UserForm for prompting users to input data.

By the time you have worked your way through this Excel Macros series you will have gained a better understanding of the capabilities of Excel Macros, you will have built and modified some macros of your own and you will be on your way to macro mastery.