HR This, not that means we will take a look at some workplace issues, policies or practices that may be antiquated or are done because that is what has always been done. Some of these policies and practices have never been questioned before. That’s the NOT THAT part. We then turn those things around into what should be done and the practical applications of HR practices. That’s the HR THIS part.

Join HR Expert Deanna Baumgardner as she guides you through HR practices and policies that are in dire need of updating.

  • Episode #16 :: Monday May 30, 2022 - Benefits and Workplace Perks
  • Episode #17 :: Tuesday May 31, 2022 - Employee Engagement
  • Episode #18 :: Wednesday Jun 1, 2022 - Workplace Communication
  • Episode #19 :: Thursday Jun 2, 2022 - Workplace Policies
  • Episode #20 :: Friday Jun 3, 2022 - Recruiting and Onboarding