Streamline Your Workflow: Unlock Time-Saving AI Secrets for Your Accounting Firm

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  • Webinar Date: August 26, 2024
  • Webinar Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm EDT   live
  • Webinar Length: 60 Minutes
  • Guest Speaker:   Mark Wickersham
  • Topic:   Accounting, Taxation and Accounting
  • Credit:   ATATX 1.0, CPE 1.0
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Attention (if you’re an accounting firm owner or work in an accounting firm)…

In just 60 minutes, you will discover how to harness the latest AI advancements to save time and streamline your accounting firm!

Are you looking to save hours each week on repetitive tasks? Do you want to learn how the latest AI tools can revolutionize your accounting firm?

Automation is transforming the accounting industry, and AI-powered GPTs are at the forefront of this change. Discover how you can implement these cutting-edge tools in your firm to boost efficiency and productivity.

Join Mark Wickersham FCA as he reveals the secrets to using GPTs to automate tasks in your accounting firm. You'll learn how to integrate these powerful tools seamlessly into your business operations.

Here’s what you’ll discover…
  • Discover how AI and ChatGPT are transforming time management for accounting firms. The game-changing update from OpenAI in November 2023 that makes it easy to automate many tasks.
  • Unlock the power of GPTs – practical applications for your accounting firm. How to build a powerful GPT in just a few minutes.
  • The critical error to avoid when developing GPTs for your accounting business.

Your Benefits For Attending

  • Identify and Describe Time-Saving AI Applications: Participants will be able to identify specific applications of AI and LLMs like ChatGPT that save business owners time, and describe the processes these technologies automate.
  • Explain and Apply the November 2023 OpenAI Update: Participants will be able to explain the key features of the November 2023 OpenAI update and apply these features to automate various tasks in a business setting.
  • Define GPTs and Implement in Accounting Firms: Participants will be able to define GPTs and implement strategies for using them in accounting firms to improve operational efficiency.
  • Construct Effective GPTs Efficiently: Participants will be able to construct a powerful GPT in a few minutes by following a structured methodology.
  • Recognize and Avoid GPT Creation Mistakes: Participants will be able to recognize common mistakes in GPT creation and implement best practices to avoid these pitfalls.

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Guest Speaker

  • Mark Wickersham