Behavioral Based Interviewing

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  • Webinar Length: 90 Minutes
  • Guest Speaker:   Wendy Sellers
  • Topic:   Human Resources
  • Credit:   HRCI 1.5, SHRM 1.5, ATAHR 1.5
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In today's fast-paced business world, hiring the right talent is more crucial than ever. 'Behavioral Based Interviewing in 2024' is an exclusive webinar for managers, HR professionals, operations managers, office managers, and business owners. This webinar goes beyond traditional hiring practices, focusing on innovative techniques that promise to revolutionize your recruitment process. Discover how to transform your candidate interviewing from an ad-hoc activity into a strategic, results-driven methodology. We aim to empower your organization with the tools to hire not just qualified candidates, but the right fit for your team.

What To Expect:

1. Refining Your Hiring Criteria: Crafting the Perfect Candidate Profile

  •    Understand the importance of a multifaceted job description and how it forms the foundation of effective recruitment.
  •    Learn to develop a comprehensive position profile that aligns with your organization's needs and culture.
  •    Gain insights into identifying the key competencies and traits that make a candidate the right fit for your team.
2. Beyond the Resume: Mastering Behavioral Interview Techniques

  •    Explore the nuances of behavioral interviewing and its effectiveness in assessing a candidate's real-world capabilities.
  •    Learn how to formulate questions that delve deeper into a candidate's past experiences, revealing their true potential.
  •    Discover the art of interpreting responses to gauge future performance and cultural fit.
3. Creating an Effective Interview Guide: Essential Questions and Strategies

  •    Develop a structured interview guide that ensures consistency and thoroughness in the hiring process.
  •    Understand the balance between open-ended and specific inquiries to elicit meaningful responses.
  •    Learn the legal boundaries and ethical considerations to maintain professionalism and fairness. 
4. Avoiding Common Interview Pitfalls: Ensuring a Bias-Free Process

  •    Identify and rectify the top five interviewing mistakes commonly made by even experienced hiring managers.
  •    Learn strategies to avoid early judgment and ensure a fair, unbiased evaluation of each candidate.
  •    Understand the importance of a behavior-based rating system in making objective hiring decisions.
5. Making the Right Decision: Integrating Behavioral Insights with Hiring Choices

  •    Master the art of synthesizing interview data to make informed, best-fit hiring decisions.
  •    Learn to balance instinct with evidence-based assessments in evaluating candidates.
  •    Understand how to leverage behavioral insights to predict future job performance and team dynamics.
Why You Should Attend:

This webinar is not just about filling positions; it's about elevating your team's potential by selecting candidates who thrive in their roles and contribute positively to your organizational culture. Say goodbye to the frustration of poor hires and the inefficiency of mismatched skills. Equip yourself with the latest techniques in behavioral interviewing and transform your recruitment process into a strategic asset. Attend this webinar to ensure that your next hire is not just a fit for today, but a cornerstone of your team's success tomorrow.

Guest Speaker

  • Wendy Sellers

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