Updating Dress Code and Appearance Policies

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  • Webinar Date: July 23, 2024
  • Webinar Time: 2:00pm - 3:30pm EDT   live
  • Webinar Length: 90 Minutes
  • Guest Speaker:   Wendy Sellers
  • Topic:   Human Resources
  • Credit:   HRCI 1.5, SHRM 1.5, ATAHR 1.5
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This comprehensive webinar provides an in-depth analysis of the recent National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) decision that has significant implications for dress codes and appearance policies in the workplace. The session will cover the legal framework surrounding the decision, practical steps for revising workplace policies, strategies for managing political and social expressions at work, and a detailed guide on maintaining compliance with both federal and state laws.

Overview of Recent NLRB Decision and Its Implications

  • Summary of the NLRB ruling on "Black Lives Matter" and other political messages in the workplace
  • Discussion of the expanded "nexus" requirement between political messages and workplace issues
  • Examples of how this decision impacts both unionized and non-unionized environments

Legal Framework and Compliance

  • Detailed explanation of federal labor laws and court rulings affecting dress codes
  • State-specific considerations and legal pitfalls

Practical Guide to Policy Revision

  • Step-by-step guide to reviewing and updating dress code policies
  • Ensuring policies are neutral and consistently enforced
  • Case studies: Examples of compliant vs. non-compliant policies

Managing Political and Social Expression in the Workplace

  • How to handle employee expressions related to wages, hours, and working conditions
  • Balancing employee rights with workplace harmony
  • Strategies for addressing potentially divisive political and social issues

Stay Informed and Compliant: Understanding the recent NLRB ruling and its implications is crucial for HR professionals, managers, and business owners to ensure that their company's policies are both legally compliant and effectively managed. Practical Guidance and Expert Advice: This webinar offers not only a detailed review of necessary legal updates but also provides actionable advice and best practices on handling political and social discourse in the workplace, helping attendees to navigate complex issues with confidence.

Guest Speaker

  • Wendy Sellers