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Easy-To-Read Contracts in the New Economy

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  • Webinar Date: April 10, 2024
  • Webinar Time: 2:00pm - 3:40pm EDT   live
  • Webinar Length: 100 Minutes
  • Guest Speaker:   Jim Bergman , Mark Cohen
  • Topic:   Business Skills, Purchasing
  • Credit:   ATAPU 1.5, ISM 1.5
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Today’s economy is described as volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous - and many of the supporting commercial contracts can be similarly described.  However, there is progress being made in making contracts easy to read.  Instead of contracts being written for attorneys, in ways which only attorneys can comprehend, the shift is towards contracts that users can understand.  Clear contracts create value and reduce the risk of disputes.   Learn how to create this new type of contract – the easy-to-read contract.

Your Benefits of Attending:

  • Explore the flaws and shortcomings with traditional contracts
  • Learn why many contract templates are outdated
  • Identify what is an easy-to-read contract
  • Learn the many benefits of using plain English rather than “Legalese”
  • Learn how to create an easy-to-read contract
  • Understand the contract development team and each member’s role
  • Establish a checklist on how to implement the easy-to-read contract
  • Anticipate the barriers and hurdles in the transition
  • Assess the cost and benefit of making the transition
  • See examples of how poorly drafted contracts resulted in unnecessary litigation
  • See examples of leading practices
  • Receive easy to understand sample boilerplate clauses

Join Jim Bergman and Mark Cohen as they walk you through creating an easy-to-read contract.

Guest Speaker

  • Jim Bergman
  • Mark Cohen