Religious Discrimination in the Workplace: Understanding the Evolving Landscape

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  • Webinar Length: 90 Minutes
  • Guest Speaker:   Wendy Sellers
  • Topic:   Human Resources
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In today's fast-paced world, workplace diversity has never been more essential. Yet, while strides have been made in many areas, the question of religious discrimination remains a complex, evolving issue. With recent Supreme Court decisions expanding protections for religious individuals and simultaneously introducing concerns for the non-religious, it's crucial for HR professionals to stay informed. Dive into this webinar tailored for HR professionals and explore the intricate web of U.S. discrimination laws, recent landmark cases, and the balance between religious freedom and protection against discrimination.


Overview of U.S. Discrimination Laws: 

  • Title VII of the Civil Rights Act (1964): Understanding its provisions concerning religious discrimination.
  • Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA): A look at the purpose and implications of the RFRA for employers and employees.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) & The Equal Pay Act: Brief touch on other laws that intersect with religious discrimination concerns. 

Deep Dive into the Recent Supreme Court Decision:

  • Case Background: Setting the stage for the decision by understanding the arguments on both sides.
  • Key Findings: Discussing the Supreme Court's ruling and its implications.
  • Impact on Employers: Practical implications for HR practices, policies, and day-to-day decision-making. 

Religious Accommodation in the Modern Workplace:

  • Best Practices: Accommodating religious practices without compromising workplace harmony or productivity.
  • Common Challenges & Solutions: Real-life scenarios HR professionals may encounter and expert-recommended solutions. 

Protection for the Non-Religious: 

  • Balancing Act: Understanding the tension between expanded rights for religious individuals and potential risks for the non-religious.
  • Proactive Steps for HR: Ensuring that both religious and non-religious employees feel valued, heard, and protected.

Why Attend? 

Stay Updated: In a constantly evolving legal landscape, staying updated is not just recommended – it's imperative. Equip yourself with the latest knowledge and best practices.

Inclusive Environment: Learn to create a harmonious workplace where everyone, regardless of their religious beliefs, feels valued and protected. 

Expert Insights: Benefit from insights from seasoned HR professionals, legal experts, and diversity & inclusion champions. 

Practical Solutions: Theories are good, but practical solutions are better. Arm yourself with actionable strategies to navigate complex HR challenges related to religious discrimination.

In the current climate, an understanding of religious discrimination from both a legal and human-centric standpoint is vital. This webinar provides a comprehensive look into the topic, ensuring that HR professionals can make informed, empathetic decisions that stand up in both the court of law and the court of public opinion. Don't miss out on this opportunity to be at the forefront of change, ensuring a harmonious, inclusive workplace for all.

Guest Speaker

  • Wendy Sellers

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