Lauren M. Sobaski

Lauren M. Sobaski

Fisher Phillips

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Lauren Sobaski is a Partner at Fisher Phillips, specializing in employment law, where she brings a wealth of expertise and personal experience to her practice. With a background in human resources and a master's degree in industrial-organizational psychology, Lauren's approach to her practice is grounded in a deep understanding of human behavior and organizational dynamics.

Prior to her legal career, Lauren spent over 15 years in human resource management, honing her skills in navigating the complexities of the workplace. Her transition to the legal profession was driven by a desire to provide comprehensive solutions to businesses facing employment law challenges.

Today, Lauren specializes in employment litigation, workplace investigations, leave laws, management training, wage and hour laws, government audits, and business immigration compliance.  Lauren is not only dedicated to helping businesses proactively comply with the law but also excels in finding innovative solutions to extricate them from legal entanglements. Lauren's expertise and strategic approach have proven invaluable in safeguarding her clients' interests and reputations.

In addition to her legal work, Lauren holds certifications as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) and a Society of Human Resource Management Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP), reflecting her dedication to excellence in her field.

As a former college athlete and NCAA record holder, Lauren embodies the values of determination, competitive spirit, and teamwork, which she brings to her interactions with clients and colleagues alike.

Beyond her legal practice, Lauren is a devoted mother to two competitive lacrosse players, instilling in them the same values of teamwork and perseverance that have defined her own career. Lauren has a love for gardening, which is not just a hobby but perhaps has turned into a competition, where her family keeps a running tally of the impressive number of plants she tends to.

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