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Chuck Borek is a practicing attorney and founder of  the Borek Group, LLC. Chuck is also a CPA, and his background includes  five years as a partner in a public accounting firm. He received his law degree and MBA summa cum laude from the University of Baltimore in 1993, where he was editor-in-chief of the Law Review. He has been teaching professionally since 1989, including four years as an Associate Professor of Accounting and two years as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Law.? He has lectured throughout the U.S. and has conducted both live and Web-based seminars. Chuck's publications include: Legal Issues for Accountants and Auditors (BNA 2015); Borek's Maryland Business Planning Manual (MICPEL 2008); Hospital Accounting (BNA 2018), Contract Drafting and Review for the Maryland Lawyer (MSBA 2015); as well as numerous law review articles.

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Digital Asset Dilemmas

When people think about estate and asset planning what usually comes to mind are things like real estate, investments, and other tangible property. While most of us may not have significant intangible property in the form of patents and cop [...]

Capitalize at Your Own Expense!

Business expenditures generally may be recovered through a deduction against income at some point in time. The critical issue is “when.” If an expenditure must be capitalized, its deduction is delayed; the cost is recovered either over its [...]

GAAP for Leases

The purpose of accounting rules is to communicate financial information in a transparent and economically neutral manner. Traditionally, operating leases were reflected as periodic charges on a lessee’s income statement and did not appear o [...]
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