This package is designed for the business professional who is already an Excel Power User, but is looking to master the most advanced techniques. Join Excel experts as they break down the power of Macros, how to use Array Formulas and how to create Dashboards that will amaze. You will also dive into other high powered options such as Power BI, Microsoft Access and Power Pivot. If you are looking to start leveraging data to it's fullest then this is the package for you!

You will not want to pass up this opportunity to learn from four of the industries best:  Mike Thomas, Michael Souder, David Ringstrom and Tom Fragale.  Register now and take your data skills to a whole new level.

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Just a few of your benefits of Attending:

  • Understand how  Excel Macros work and learn how they can automate some of your repetitive tasks.
  • Take your Pivot Table skills to the next level with Pivot Tables Part 2 program.
  • Learn how to compile unwieldy data into the format required for pivot table analysis quickly and easily.
  • Gain knowledge advanced features and functions that will allow you to work more easily with inherited spreadsheets.
  • Tame the Array and SUMPRODUCT functions so you can use them in the real world.
  •  Walk away with the ability to create stunning and interactive Dashboards.
  • If your data is getting too big for Excel you will learn how to utilize the Power Pivot and Power Query add-ins.
  • Explore non-Excel options such as Power BI and Microsoft Access.

This package delivers a huge value for anyone looking to advance their data skills in Excel or other reporting tools.