Join Debra Dupree as she guides you through the changing workplace and how you can successfully navigate this new workplace. From Covid to technology, don't miss out on this information packed week of podcasts focusing on the new hybrid workplace.

On Monday Debra will discuss the changing workplace as it relates to COVID-19.  From there you will gain a better understanding of how employee needs and wants have shifted and how to address them.  Debra will dive into the different hybrid options and how to figure out what works best for you.  Don't miss that last podcast as Debra wraps everything up with an action plan to use moving forward.

  • Episode #21 :: Monday Jun 13, 2022 - Changing Face of the Workplace
  • Episode #22 :: Tuesday Jun 14, 2022 - The Changing Wants of Employees
  • Episode #23 :: Wednesday Jun 15, 2022 - New Possibilities for Employers
  • Episode #24 :: Thursday Jun 16, 2022 - Emerging Technologies
  • Episode #25 :: Friday Jun 17, 2022 - An Action Plan for Moving Forward