Was your answer “Everyone”? If so, good answer! If not, then read on to get someadditional insights into why project management skills benefit both individuals andorganizations.

The other day an email landed in my Inbox and it contained a job posting for anEditorial Associate. I decided to look at the skills required to apply for this positionas an Editorial Associate. You guessed it! Project management skills were listed as“preferred skills” for this role. This experience led me to check out other jobpostings to see which jobs may have project management skills listed as “required”or “preferred”. Wow. Check out some of these job titles that were part of mysearch:

  • Operations Associate
  • Administrative Lead
  • Trainer
  • Regional Program Director
  • Grants Manager
  • Executive Assistant
  • Corporate Development & Strategy Lead
  • Chief of Staff
  • Communications Manager
  • Event Management Associate
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Process Improvement Analyst

Oh, and let’s not forget roles like Project Manager, Project Coordinator, ProjectDirector, and Project Analyst just to name a few!

Many people believe that only Project Managers need project management skills.Wrong. There are more people with project management skills than there arepeople with the title of Project Manager. Project management skills are theunderlying capabilities that enable individuals and organizations to be successful.These skills drive project success, strategic goal achievement, processimprovements and a host of other efforts that take place on a regular basis in allorganizations - big and small, profit and non-profit.

Learning, understanding, and applying project management skills to your workefforts can increase your effectiveness and success with your projects, in additionto raising your level of confidence when working with project teams, colleagues,vendors and leaders. Can you imagine what it would be like if everyone on yourteam understood project management practices, knew how projects unfold andwho is responsible for which tasks? Wow. Can you envision the power of thatscenario? Developing standards, as well as having consistency in practice and aproject framework that aligns with your organization, will raise your level ofsuccess in completing your projects. Doesn’t everyone want to be successful?

I suggest that you take some time to think about how you could benefit fromlearning project management skills. Regardless of your title, if you learn, understandand apply project management skills you will be setting yourself up for success withyour projects and your career. Keep in mind all the job titles I shared with you. Moreand more organizations are looking for individuals that understand projectmanagement practices. Promote yourself - learn project management!

Who benefits from learning project management skills? You!

Go for it! You can do this!