This article will address the following points that will necessitate us to take action to ensure continuity of successful performance.

  • Conditions and situations will develop. They include technology, leadership, costs, and performance
    • The availability of improved communication tools for denoting transactional activities
    • Contractual clauses stating continuity of the program if there are changes in leadership
    • Same action for cost changes associated with holding the price – there needs to be an agreed reference for material pricing agreed to by both parties
  • Recognize change is going to happen. In doing so we need to establish the following:
    • Define the intended objectives
    • Monitor and evaluate the performance
    • Determine and initiate the corrective action
    • Incorporate the above points into the agreement to ensure the parties involved understand the performance expectations and their respective timing


    This is an assurance that the measurements and their results will enhance the business performance.

    • What was the goal?
      • How many items to be involved INITIALLY and when to incorporate the next group (anticipated number of items)
      • What is the inventory value at the start and the subsequent incremental values.
        • Total inventory at start, during and after implementation
      • Expected operational improvements
        • Internally – reduction in the number of stock outs and their respective duration
          • The cost of performing the management of the inventory – before and after the initiation
        • Externally – customer satisfaction: denoting from what level to the new level and the timing of the accomplishment of that expectation
    • These measurements become the criteria for ensuring the program will succeed as intended.

    ENSURING SUCCESS:Having a successful program requires us to employ the three (3) “E’s”

    They are:

    1. EXECUTION – according to the plan & measurements
    2. ENERGY – denoted in the effort expended that ensures results will happen as planned
    3. EXCITEMENT – enthusiasm displayed as accomplishments are attained

    Measure and adjust based on your accomplishments to make sure we meet the expectations