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Carol Cambridge

Carol Cambridge - The Stay Safe Project

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Carol Cambridge is CEO of The Stay Safe Project, an international conference speaker & workplace violence expert. Highly profiled for her expertise, she is often sought by the media for comments when tragedies occur. Carol has been interviewed by: ABC, NBC, USA Today, CBC & as far away as NewsChannel Asia in Singapore.

As a thought leader, she wants people to move away from fear-based thinking, which is limiting, paralyzing, and just plain negative! Instead, Carol shows people how to navigate fear & use their critical thinking skills to guide them through an emergency or a crisis.

Her career began as a communications specialist in emergency services and disaster preparedness with a Canadian Law Enforcement Agency. Today, 27 years later, Carol has taught over a quarter of a million people how to make smart, powerful, and lifesaving decisions.

Known for her customization, compelling storytelling, and experiential training, Carol masterfully facilitates and delivers information in a way that people find intriguing!

When Carol is not speaking and training, she is at home in Glendale, Arizona with the love of her life and her three beautiful dogs.