When the medica discuss claims of lack of diversity, equity or inclusivity as well as claims of bias or harassment at companies, they often focus on race, sex or gender. Yet it is much more than those three aspects.  Employers should be prepared to have open dialogue around all aspects and start changing their policies and practices today – from candidate attraction, hiring and promotion to retirement and other employee exits.

Is your management team struggling to understand how to handle issues around diversity, inclusion, equity, unconscious bias or even unintentional harassment? These should not just be buzzwords thrown into policies or brushed aside altogether. What steps should you take to dive into this area? First, uncovering the definitions of each word and where your company stands with each; Second, develop policies and procedures in order to achieve well-defined, long-term goals; Finally, train everyone (not just managers) on what diversity, equity and inclusivity means, as well as unconscious bias and anti-harassment of all forms and how it aligns with your Company Vision, Mission and Values. Your internal and external brand depends on effectively preparing to manage unavoidable issues. How you prepare and act is what matters.