Bias is usually unconscious which means it is second nature to us. Have you ever questioned your own bias? Everyone should! In order to interrupt any form of bias, one must understand what bias is and even test if they have an unconscious bias. Why? On a personal level, the more we know, the more we grow. On a business level, the more we are aware of any type of bias, the better prepared we are to stay out of the legal hotseat – especially as a leader.

The USA has clearly outlined employment laws which make it illegal to project any bias (conscious or unconscious) during employment.  Many states, territories and localities have additional laws of their own. If these laws are ignored, the costs can be detrimental to a business as well as to a person and their professional reputation.

There are many areas of concern where education regarding unconscious bias is necessary – from hiring and skills requirements to dress code policies. Managers must be made aware of these laws and employees should too! An inclusive workplace is one free of bias. An inclusive workplace is where todays workforce wants to be!