Barriers to Risk Management

The barriers to risk are several:

  1. Incentive and Human Nature
  2. Dependence on Supplier Collaboration
  3. Perceived cost of Visibility
  4. Conflicting Objectives
  5. Outmoded Thinking and Assumptions [...]

The WORST Ways to Handle Conflict

In even the very best personal and professional relationships, conflict is inevitable. Our ability (or inability) to handle conflict can make a key difference in the quality of our relationships, our careers, and our lives. Here are t [...]

Are You Ready To Be a Manager AND a Mentor?

Often, the very best person to mentor an employee to succeed in their current role is their manager. If you have a “high-potential” employee on your team and you’ve thought that they could benefit from being mentored by you, here are a [...]

Paris in the Pandemic

Paris was inspiring. Paris was in the Pandemic. Paris was cold.

I took a risk - 3 times in 60 days to do some travel as things started opening and felt safer with vaccinations, boosters and testing with masking.

And I know I [...]

Admins - No More "Winging It"

Is your “winging it” mindset or “fly by the seat of your pants” approach hurting your success? Here are 3 areas where many admins “wing it” and what to try instead.

The Flow of Your Workday
Do you wait until you si [...]

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