Taking a SIMPLE Approach to Accountability

“Can you hold me accountable?” “He/She needs to be more accountable.” We hear phrases like this in the workplace often, but how well do we understand accountability, and how it can enhance our work? Today, I am going to argue that accountab [...]

Exhaustion and the Remote Worker

I was having a conversation with a friend on a recent Sunday afternoon. He, like many, has transitioned from being an on-site leader with a large on-site team to a remote leader with the same size team, most of whom also now work remotely. [...]

Digital Asset Dilemmas

When people think about estate and asset planning what usually comes to mind are things like real estate, investments, and other tangible property. While most of us may not have significant intangible property in the form of patents and cop [...]

Roles of Supply Chain Facets - Procurement

This article is a continuation of the article - "What do you Know about the Supply Chain". The focus here is on procurement.FACETS OF THE SUPPLY CHAIN (SC):These are the facets: Planning & Inventory Management Procurement Logistics Dist [...]

From Buddy to Boss

Whether you were a teammate or a team lead who has been promoted to a supervisor or manager (aka: the boss), you will have to face your coworker buddies who now report to you. To put it bluntly, yes this is awkward! Plan to address the awkw [...]
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