Risk Management Process

What we will discuss in this article are the tools and respective functionality we need to consider employing. Each of the following steps make up the RISK MANAGEMENT PROCESS:Risk IdentificationRisk AnalysisRisk EvaluationImplement an Actio [...]

Process View of Supplier Risk

What we will discuss in this article are the tools we need to use in the application of the RISK MANAGEMENT PROCESS (which is the fifth and last article in this series). The graphic/slide denotes the elements of ACTION – We need trained PEO [...]

Risk Management in Procurement

In case we’ve forgotten, let’s define what RISK IS:Webster’s Dictionary: Exposure to the chance of injury or loss.APICS/ASCM: Decisions and activities that have outcomes that could negatively affect information or goods/services within [...]

Barriers to Risk Management

The barriers to risk are several:Incentive and Human NatureDependence on Supplier CollaborationPerceived cost of VisibilityConflicting ObjectivesOutmoded Thinking and Assumptions Difficulty in Valuing Risk Mgt.Let’s describe eac [...]
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