Roles of Supply Chain Facets - Procurement

This article is a continuation of the article - "What do you Know about the Supply Chain". The focus here is on procurement.FACETS OF THE SUPPLY CHAIN (SC):These are the facets: Planning & Inventory Management Procurement Logistics Dist [...]

From Buddy to Boss

Whether you were a teammate or a team lead who has been promoted to a supervisor or manager (aka: the boss), you will have to face your coworker buddies who now report to you. To put it bluntly, yes this is awkward! Plan to address the awkw [...]

Capitalize at Your Own Expense!

Business expenditures generally may be recovered through a deduction against income at some point in time. The critical issue is “when.” If an expenditure must be capitalized, its deduction is delayed; the cost is recovered either over its [...]

Thriving During Change

I will never forget the first time I stumbled upon the Greek Philosopher Heraclitus and his famous notion that “there is nothing permanent except for change.”  I was a freshman in college and while I recognized the wisdom of the words [...]
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